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Randy Russell M.S. has been mentoring empowered self-discovery within individuals professionally since 1974. His graduate training was in Education at Andrews University/Seminary along with Recreation & Leisure Studies at the University of Tennessee, with additional post-graduate training in organic and ecopsychology, deep nature connection, and indigenous philosophy. His work experience includes being a secondary teacher, a summer camp director, and a recreation/wilderness therapist.
Rich Joy is a self-made businessman, with a heart to positively make a difference in others, who currently owns and directs a successful international business, Over the years Rich has been instrumental in the success of several non-profit organizations, as well as, having a successful career as a Fortune 500 consultant. In addition, he’s developed a myriad of real estate projects including a 73-acre spiritual retreat center, owner of a real estate development company, and is in the midst of developing multiple projects to support the vision of Exploring Soul Identity.

Rich Joy and Randy Russell

Getting Paid To You

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery linking you to a life of joyful creative adventure that matches your authentic identity. You will find thought-provoking exercises which help you access your own inner guidance system, that inspires you to create a life full of passion.
Getting paid to Be You - Spiritual Guides by Rich Joy and Randy Russell

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Every human being is born with a unique organic design.
It is Important for You to Be You
Embracing Your Organic Design Brings You the Most Joy
Your Soul Identity is Who You Are by Design

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